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A three-tier wax cake 

I wanted this cake to embody the sailor/steakpunk/goth heart of mine. What became of it was a beautiful work of organized chaos, much like me. Each tier is lace infused and topped with wax decor.

This cake has been in the making for months and I cried, danced, jumped, screamed and celebrated upon its completion. It was important for me to find a way, as a candlemaker, to share a piece of my birthday cake with you Sailors. I have found that way. Each person who claims their slice of cake will receive one slice along with random wax decor from the cake. It will come packaged in a special little box for keeps. This is my all-time number one favorite scent - Rose Milk. A very subtle rose infused with marshmallow and a trace of amber.

Thank you all for being here not only this week, but every single day. I am grateful to be alive, doing what I do, and I owe part of that to all of you!

PLEASE NOTE:  Each slice of cake with differ, with different decor melt embeds. You will receive a slice of this cake, not the entire cake. Color frosting is a natural and unique characteristic of soy wax due its natural recrystallization process.  Some may consider this a cosmetic flaw, but it is a true indication that you are using a 100% all-natural soy wax. 


Also keep in mind your selections are hand poured just for you and the processing time will be:

5 to 10 business days.  Processing window begins the day after the order is placed.  Weekends and holidays are excluded from processing.  Processing time does not cover ship time. 




You can expect approximately 6-10 hours of fragrance throw from each wax melt session.  Your wax will not evaporate but instead lose its scent.  When this happens, wash your wax tray with warm water and soap.  Dry.  Add another cube ... or 3.  

Soy wax is biodegradable and cleans up easily with some warm water and soap.  We recommend using a plant-based soap, but any soap will do. 🌱 

These wax melts are intended to fill a small sized room as big as a 10x10 bedroom, office or bathroom. Do not expect to fill a room full of fragrance with an open floor plan or in a large sized room. Plan accordingly to your space and add the proper amount of wax warmers to achieve your desired fragrance level. 

Never leave a wax warmer unattended while in use.


Why choose Small Shop Soy?

All Natural

American Grown Soy


Clean Scented


Eco and Vegan Friendly

Hand Poured


A•R•T•I•S•A•N 🕯