We are a canoe that started as two, who created two more and adopted in a couple of sets of paws. We have been passionate about soy wax for decades, officially setting sail on The Crum Canoe Candle Co. SOYage in 2020.

For those of you being introduced to our SOYAge for the first time, we are a hand-poured, and health-conscious wax experience from The Pocono Mountains, PA. We specialize in handcrafting wax products that are of the quality you, your loved ones, our pets, our Mother Earth and our marine life deserve and demand.

Crum Canoe Candle Co. came to light as a way for me, the momma of this canoe, Nikki, to navigate and cope with my mental illness. It is a great outlet for me to live a healthier and more productive life as a mental health patient. I always say if I must have a sick mind, I will use this mind and my time here to create something healthier. If I can’t choose what darkness my mind lives in, I can choose to create the light in the dark that sits with others. My SOYage is a reminder to all those who struggle with mental illness that you are not alone. I am sailing those dark waters with you. Allow my light to give you the hope and direction you need to keep treading.

Candle wax is a lifestyle. It is poetic. It is responsible. It is sexy. It is hopeful. And it is timeless. It is a tool that can be used for numerous crafts and basic needs. It has the magic to create a nostalgia that will take you back to core memories from your past. It is a self-love experience. Being in the presence of candlelight is a true present to yourself. Above all else, it is the light that anchors hope for the future.

I feel passionate about using candles as both a functional item and as home decor. The right decorative candle can really create such an aesthetic in any space or photograph. My company has been blessed to have been used as props in photography staging multiple times for numerous publications. It's an honor to witness my candles valued and portrayed as the art that they are.

Crum Canoe Candle Co. has sailed its way to homes across the United States, and even overseas to our international friends. We have been included in collab boxes and subscription boxes. We have worked many events to bring to light custom creations for weddings, baby showers, memorial services, bridal showers, special events and more.

It is a true honor to set sail with each and every single one of you who chooses to sail The Crum Canoe Candle Co. SOYage.