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This is a truly unique and magical product, inspired by the ancient celebration of Samhain. Each wax melt is intentionally topped with calendula and obsidian, adding an extra touch of enchantment to your space. This fragrance blend has been carefully crafted to enhance the magick energy inside and all around you.
As we enter the turning point of time, Samhain marks a significant moment when we bid farewell to the light and welcome the darkness. During this sacred season, the portal to the otherworld opens, inviting our ancestors to join us in celebration. Melting this wax melt not only fills your home with a captivating aroma but also serves as an offering and sacrifice, honoring our traditions and connecting with our ancestral spirits.

Embrace the power of Samhain with this exquisite wax melt and create a mystical atmosphere that will transport you through time and space.

Bayberry Cinnamon - smells like bayberry and cinnamon
Eucalyptus Tea - smells like mint, eucalyptus, amber and musk.
Cider Lane - smells like cider, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.


Our canoe finds pride in knowing that we offer to you, your loved ones, all living beings and our mother earth a non-toxic product that comes from both a renewable and sustainable source.

We set sail on our SOYage to create a more health-conscious way of experiencing candle wax by choosing only the best ingredients which includes phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead-free wicking and locally sourced soy wax. We are confident that this will be the most mindful soy wax you have ever experienced.

Allow our light to comfort you during dark times that you are not alone. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Each wax melt is hand crafted and may vary from the photo listed.  Color frosting is a natural and unique characteristic of soy wax due its natural recrystallization process.  Some may consider this a cosmetic flaw, but it is a true indication that you are using a 100% all-natural soy wax. 


Processing Time:
MTO - 2 to 3 Business Weeks.
Weekends and holidays are excluded from processing.
Processing time does not include ship time.


You can expect approximately 6-10 hours of fragrance throw from each wax melt session.  Your wax will not evaporate but instead lose its scent.  When this happens, wash your wax tray with warm water and soap.  Dry.  Add another cube ... or 3.  

Soy wax is biodegradable and cleans up easily with some warm water and soap.  We recommend using a plant-based soap, but any soap will do. 🌱 

These wax melts are intended to fill a small sized room as big as a 10x10 bedroom, office or bathroom. Do not expect to fill a room full of fragrance with an open floor plan or in a large sized room. Plan accordingly to your space and add the proper number of wax warmers to achieve your desired fragrance level. 
Never leave a wax warmer unattended while in use.

Why choose Crum Canoe Candle Co?
Renewable ✅
Sustainable ✅
All-Natural Soy ✅
Locally Sourced ✅
Non-Toxic ✅
Lead-Free Wicking✅
Hand-Poured ✅
Cruelty Free ✅