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Sailors, our last box was
valued at $160 per box and the three of them are setting sail tonight. The value superseded the amount of the waffle. I couldn't help it; it was just so fun creating unique boxes for you all. Each Mystery Box will come be valued at different amounts but will always match the value you paid for. It is once again time to try and claim yours! This time I will give you one clue into what is in there - another chance to own a ROSE from the dead candle. You are claiming a spot to win a mystery box from me. Because our previous waffles went so quickly, I am offering 100 spots and picking THREE WINNERS to receive a mystery box. Shipping included. 4-6 week TAT. If this goes well, I will continue to do this.

HOW TO ENTER: 100 spots available at $4✨ each
  1. Choose the numbers that call to you.
  2. Wait for me to confirm
  3. Remit payment immediately to secure your spot.
  4. Provide a screen shot of payment under your claim.