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Our Leather-Bound Book Inspired Candles are a unique olfactory encapsulation, designed to evoke the nostalgia of leafing through an aged, well-loved tome. This candle is not just a source of light; it’s a tribute to the timeless beauty of books, a sensory journey for the bibliophile’s soul, transforming any room into a haven of literary history and tranquility. It’s perfect for those serene moments when you wish to be transported to a world woven by words, all while nestled in the comfort of your favorite reading nook

Toxic - Tribute to bookbinders in the 1800's who used Scheele's, Emerald, and Paris Green pigments in book cloths to captivate readers. These pigments were beautiful and cheap, however they contained arsenic and released poison once degraded. Handling these antique books today require great care and protective measures and keeping.

Nontoxic -Tribute to CRUM CANOE CANDLE CO. for having a profound understanding of the old soul, and for captivating the candle lover’s yearning for mindfulness. We carefully craft a line of candles that not only embody beauty and essence but do so in a nontoxic manner. We are committed to health and heritage, ensuring that each flickering flame tells a story without whispering a harm.

Futhark - Tribute to the Elder Futhark and the ancient wisdom of old souls. As the flame dances upon the wick in this vessel, it illuminates each rune, casting a spell of protection, prosperity, and insight.