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This is for two unscented chime candles and a glass candle holder to help you in your ritual and meditation. Here is the why and how to use them to help you in your practice. You can expect approx. 6 hours of burn time per each chime.

White candles are a staple in candle magick, often used for their versatility and strong association with positive energies. They can substitute for any other color in practice, making them a universal tool. They are commonly utilized for:
  • Healing: To promote physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
  • Protection: To create a shield against negative influences.
  • Purification: To cleanse spaces, objects, or individuals from negativity.
  • Peace: To bring tranquility to a situation or environment.
  • New Beginnings: To mark the start of a new phase or venture.
  • Meditation: To aid in achieving a meditative state and clarity of mind.
  • Spiritual Connection: To enhance communication with deities, spirit guides, or the higher self.

Black candles in candle magick are primarily used for their powerful properties of protection, banishing, and transformation. When using black candles, it is important to be mindful of the intention as their effects can be powerful and sometimes permanent. Here are some of the key uses:
  • Protection: To safeguard against negative energies or psychic attacks.
  • Banishing: To remove negative emotions, energies, or spirits from a person or space.
  • Absorption: Acting like a black hole, they absorb negativity, which can be useful for clearing out unwanted energies
  • Breaking Bad Habits: To help let go of persistent, unhealthy patterns.
  • Ending Phases: To mark the conclusion of a chapter in life and to facilitate moving on.
  • Reversing Hexes or Curses: To undo negative spells or intentions cast by others.
  • Shadow Work: For personal growth and exploring the darker aspects of the psyche.

    Our canoe finds pride in knowing that we offer to you, your loved ones, all living beings and our mother earth a non-toxic product that comes from both a renewable and sustainable source.

    We set sail on our SOYage to create a more health-conscious way of experiencing candle wax by choosing only the best ingredients which includes phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead-free wicking and locally sourced soy wax. We are confident that this will be the most mindful soy wax you have ever experienced.

    Allow our light to comfort you during dark times that you are not alone. 


    PLEASE NOTE: Each item is uniquely hand crafted and may change slightly from the photo listed. That means your candle is truly one-of-a-kind that is handcrafted specifically just for you. We will do our best to match your candle exactly to the one pictured. Changes may be but are not limited to decor toppings, patterns and color due to the nature of natural wax.


    Processing Time:
    MTO - 2 to 3 Business Weeks.
    Weekends and holidays are excluded from processing.
    Processing time does not include ship time.


    One chime candle can be expected to burn for approx. 6 hours.
    You must use a proper candle holder when lighting your chime candle.
    We recommend a fire safe plate you don't mind getting wax on underneath your holder as well.

    Cut your wick between 1/8 and 1/4 of an inch prior to lighting to produce a proper flame. A proper flame size will fall between .5in to 2in. in size depending on the size of your candle. Smooth and steady indicates a proper size flame. We love all things that dance wildly aside from our candle flames. Be sure to repeat this step with each relight. A clean wick is a happy one!

    If your candle came with top décor other than wax, it is imperative that you remove any décor prior to lighting. Carefully do so with a pair of tweezers - especially when removing raw crystals. Raw crystals are known for sharp edges so use caution. Removing décor will allow for a SAFE and even burn.


    Once your candle is lit allow it to burn until the top layer of wax has formed a melt pool from side to side. This can take up to 4 hours to achieve depending on your candle.

    Wax has a memory and will only burn as far as you have allowed it to the time prior. Blowing out your candle prior to forming an even burn can cause your candle to tunnel during future burns and no one wants that.

    Only burn your candle on a steady surface free from debris and away from vents.

    NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.

    Your completed purchase means you have read and will agree to follow our safe burning tips. 


    Why choose Crum Canoe Candle Co?
    Renewable ✅
    Sustainable ✅
    All-Natural Beeswax✅
    Non-Toxic ✅
    Lead-Free Wicking✅
    Hand-Poured ✅